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Image by Cary Bates


Inspiring Love for the Natural World

The idea for Ordo Displays began with my desire to capture the natural world and bring it into my home in Baltimore City.  Moved by the wealth and breathtaking beauty, of nature, I decided to launch a brand where you can decide how pieces of the earth come into your home, studio, office, or anywhere in between.

"Ordo" short for Ordovician describes the geologic time period in which the Earth's first land plants appeared.  470 million years ago, the rapid growth and diversity of plants transformed the landscape and shifted the environment into the living world we know today. Ordo Displays are a celebration of the natural world.

About Us: About Us


Bri'Anna Horne

Baltimore raised environmentalist, scientist, and artist, who aims to deepen the world's connection to nature.

About Us: About Us
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